Smoking Toddler Grows Up

19 ноября 2013


SEKAYU, INDONESIA — UNDATED: A File photo of Aldi Rizal aged 2, smoking a cigarette while playing at his family home in Sekayu district, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

TODDLER Aldi Rizal stunned the world when it was revealed he had a 40-a-day smoking habit at just TWO-YEARS-OLD. The youngster was discovered in a poor village in Sumatra, Indonesia, puffing on a cigarette while riding his trike. Now five-years-old, the cheeky schoolboy has kicked the habit.?ut he? picked up a new addiction ?to food. His huge appetite has seen him gorge on junk food and fatty snacks — including three cans of condensed milk a day. Today he weighs nearly four stone, double what he should be for a child his age, and medics have urged his mother, Diane, 28, to put her son on a diet.

PHOTOGRAPH BY Ardiles Rante / Barcroft Media

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