Worldd Most Expensive Campervan

17 сентября 2013

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS _ (PICTURED: The worlds most expensive Campervan) Never known for doing things in moderation, Dubai millionaires are snapping up the latest craze in motorhomes — the ?2million 40ft palace on wheels that even comes in gold. As millions of Brits load up the roof rack to enjoy a weekend break in Skegness or Blackpool, international business moguls are turning to Austrian luxury experts Marchi Mobile. The space-age eleMMent Palazzo is the worlds most expensive motorhome and comes complete with a colossal master bedroom, 40-inch TV, on-board bar, fireplace and even its own rooftop terrace. But the most impressive piece of luxury is the Sky Lounge — at the press of a button the 430ft home transforms into a personal retreat with pop up cocktail bar, underfloor heating and extravagant marble lighting. SEE CATERS COPY

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